Hand Sanitiser Stations

with ongoing Sanitiser supply.

Maxim has developed mobile floor standing and counter top hand sanitiser stations with ongoing sanitiser supply for use by your staff and the public.

To facilitate these stations, we have an ongoing supply of both alcohol based sanitiser gel that is supplied in 500ml pump action dispensers.

Generic designs are shown but these can be personalised with your own colour scheme and graphics.

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If you have a requirement for either of these solutions please call Paul Dean on 07500 821637 or e-mail paul.dean @maximgroup.co.uk


Bespoke Merchandising Solutions.

Maxim develop bespoke, cross-market solutions that seek to make savings by improving the merchandising interface, stock rotation and to help drive additional sales by creating a fully-faced environment to customers. 

The GRAVITY LOOP is a low tech facer that allows the effective merchandising of bottled and bagged products.

A unique, sliding shelving system that allows instant face-up and stock rotation  - without the need to remove existing products.

A unique display unit that can be quickly and easily transformed from an FSDU to a Display Bin without tools.

Customer Driven Design Solutions.

Maxim undertake a wide range of design-led projects for our clients. Based on specific requirements, solutions are tailored to meet the vision of the brand with an eye on functionality and the overall cost of ownership.

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