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About Us

We apply the same creative lateral thinking and attention to quality in all our projects - we call it Solution Driven Thinking ... and it is encompassed in everything we do. 

Through the development of innovative, cost effective and environmentally conscious design solutions we are committed to creating targeted operational efficiencies that both save your staff time, money, and boost your sales.

Maxim is an award-winning design company with over 30 years’ experience, covering all aspects of retail display and point of sale.

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Paul Dean

Managing Director

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Gary Souter

Creative Director

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Why Choose Maxim?

Philip Toovey

Our founder and chairman, Philip provides the wisdom and experience gained from a lifetime in the design industry.

Paul Dean

Our Managing Director and engineering guru, Paul can take the wildest concept and make it real - and all within budget!

Gary Souter

Creative Director Gary and his team question everything, think the impossible and believe the unbelievable.

Nikki Palmer

Obsessive tracking of costs, time and schedules - our Office Manager Nikki likes to be in complete control.

Our Clients

Services We Provide

Maxim provides a full service from conceptual design through to store implementation.

Development and Manufacturing

The successful development of a concept means finding the most economical, fastest, greenest but ‘loudest’ way of transforming the idea into a reality. At Maxim we are inherently aware of this and plan accordingly.


We manufacture in locations around Europe and the Far East. With budgets being ever tighter and demands ever higher the need to ensure production quality and longevity is paramount. We always challenge materials specification, production methods and when to be innovative, or when to use traditional proven skills.

Implementation and Maintenance

What does being ‘in control’ actually mean?  Our meaning relates to an absolute understanding of the objective, maintaining impeccable accuracy, the obsessive scheduling and tracking of costs, time, manufacturing, deliveries and installations .


The benefits of global procurement are evident to all. However, it’s an understanding of the whole process that makes sense of it all. Experience tells us that fulfilling the order to the required quality, on time and in budget is at the top of our clients’ list.


If this is what being in control means, then we are definitely in control!

Conceptual Design and Prototyping

It is impossible to place too much emphasis on the importance of listening, and then thinking, and then asking - and only then doing. 


The design brief is only the starting point, to be interrogated and investigated and at times challenged.  We recognise that effective solutions come through not only applying creative thought and proven design expertise but also by developing close links with our clients and ensuring an intrinsic understanding of the objectives.


Question everything, think the impossible and believe the unbelievable.