Bespoke Merchandising Solutions.

Maxim develop bespoke, cross-market solutions that seek to make savings by improving the merchandising interface, stock rotation and to help drive additional sales by creating a fully faced environment to customers. 

Gravity Loop 2019-reverse.png

The GRAVITY LOOP is a low tech facer that allows the effective merchandising of bottled and bagged products.

Vista Shelf 2019-reverse.png

A unique, sliding shelving system that allows instant face-up and stock rotation  - without the need to remove existing products.

Display Buddy 2019-reverse.png

A unique display unit that can be quickly and easily transformed from an FSDU to a Display Bin without tools.

Divide & Slide 2019-reverse.png
Clear View 2019-reverse.png

Customer Driven Design Solutions.

Maxim undertake a wide range of design-led projects for our clients. Based on specific requirements, solutions are tailored to meet the vision of the brand with an eye on functionality and the overall cost of ownership.