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A multi-function display system created using a common kit of parts, and allowing easy format changes without tools.

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The award winning Display Buddy combines high quality engineering with simplicity of assembly and use.



GOLD Award Winner


Display Buddy 2019-reverse.png
Display Buddy 2019-reverse.png

The whole system fits together without the need for a tool kit.


Display Buddy 2019-reverse.png

The Buddy can be configured in many different ways to create groups of displays - whatever the product range.


Display Buddy 2019-reverse.png

The Buddy is strong.

The all-steel structure and shelves can easily accommodate weights of 30+kg


From a standard kit of parts the Display Buddy can accommodate almost every display function within the store.


Some more examples of variants

can be seen below...


The two integral thumbwheels lock the system together.


There is also an extensive accessories kit 

- all items are designed to remain with the unit.


Two sizes are available:

450mm x 450mm and 600mm x 600mm


Any standard RAL colour can be selected.


Display Buddy 2019-reverse.png

The Buddy is a greener alternative to the traditional card display with savings in card waste of up to 80%



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For more information contact: Paul Dean on +44 (0)7500 821637   paul.dean@maximgroup.co.uk   Office: +44 (0)1295 277200